About Sigdi

Sigdi Restaurant

Sigdi takes pride in owning the legacy of the royal kitchen, Three Regions famed for their royal kitchens and the cuisines they gave to the world as part of their heritage. It remains as the most important part of the culinary cuisine. the magic of which comes alive in the rich array of choice served to you. Like, the biryani served in earthen ware handis, are actually cooked in them, using the famed dum pukth style of cooking.

The saga of mughlai cuisine is famous for its richness and exotic use of spices, dried fruits and nuts, needless to say that the cooking processes are not just part of the world charm, they are intrinsic to the tastes. Recipes passed down from generation to next are part of Sigdi's much guarded inheritance.

Our personalised service ensures that you feel like a part of the family and it will be your home away from home. It is our endeavor to serve you the best at all times. At Sigdi, you will relish each and every dish till the end and the taste is so unforgettable that it makes you keep coming back to the world of Sigdi.